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What is CEREC®?

Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic or CEREC® for short is a new state-of-the-art method of reconstructing tooth restorations. CEREC® uses computer-assisted design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to offer single-day restorations for patients. This new technology has revolutionized ceramic restorations such as crowns and veneers for patients so that there is no longer a wait between preparing the restoration and finally receiving the finished product. With CEREC®, the technology is used while you are sitting in the dental chair, which is both economical for you and your dentist. The restorations created are metal-free and tooth colored to restore your tooth to its natural beauty, strength and function. With CEREC®’s CAD-CAM technology, these ceramic restorations can all be done in one single visit to the dentist.

The CEREC® Process

CEREC® uses CAD-CAM technology to design and mill custom restorations during one visit to the dentist. So how does this process work?

  • Exam and Preparation

    Before you get started, your dentist will determine if CEREC® is right for you. Depending on how much healthy tooth structure you have remaining, it may be a simple filling or you may need a crown. After reviewing your options, the dentist will begin the process by administering anesthetic and preparing your tooth for restoration by removing decay and weakened tooth tissue.

  • Optical Impression

    In order to make the desired restoration, a 3-dimensional image of the tooth that needs to be restored must be created from a digital camera scan of the tooth. This three-dimensional image will be used to create the restoration without the need to take a messy impression. This means no horrible tasting impression material for you to gag on. The computer and CEREC® 3D software then converts the digital image into a three-dimensional virtual model of the prepared tooth.

  • Milling Unit

    This device is used to used to create the custom restoration needed for the tooth. Based on the original color of your tooth, the dentist is able to select the correct colored ceramic block and in a few minutes, the milling device is able to create the restoration needed.

  • Placing the Restoration

    After the restoration is made, it is ready to be tried on to ensure that you get proper fit and bite. When it is ready, the restoration is polished and bonded into place by your dentist. Therefore, no temporary restoration is needed and no return trip is necessary, saving you time and money.

Advantages to Using CEREC®

CEREC® has revolutionized the restorative process. It was created with the patient in mind in order to make a visit to the dentist as pain-free as possible. Some of the benefits to using CEREC® are:

  • Most procedures can be done in one visit - less costly and less time-consuming
  • Less painful injections due to single-visit
  • No need to take messy impressions
  • No need to have a temporary restoration for in-between visits
  • Ability to save as much natural tooth structure as possible
  • Longer lasting restorations - may last over 10 years
  • Restores teeth to natural beauty, function and strength
  • Metal-free restorations

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Doctor Griffin is the best dentist in Hazel Green. He also does a wonderful job with braces. My grand daughter is now 10 and he is great with her , she loves going to see Dr. Griffin and his staff! She braggs to her friends how much she loves getting her teeth cleaned and the fact that every one knows her name . She was 1 year old when she had her first visit. I had a small cavity and pain free dental practice is always wonderful - I score The kind staff and Dr Griffin a 10. . we love these guys - they make you feel like part of their family!!!!!

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Why We are Unique

At Griffin Family & Cosmetic Dentistry we want to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Our facilities are not only dedicated to providing you with the best in dental care, they are also dedicated to your comfort.

We believe you are a partner in your dental care and that is why we have Intra-Oral Cameras in all of our dental suites. The Intra-Oral camera will display your teeth in a photographic digital format so we can discuss the dentistry you may need or want. In addition we have digital radiography technology which increases our abilities to accurately diagnose your problem while exposing you and your children to 75% less radiation than traditional x-rays.

Our anesthesia techniques are virtually painless and we offer nitrous oxide when necessary. All of our patients can relax in our over-cushioned chairs while listening to music on head phones. In many of our procedures we will provide you with blankets, lip moisturizers and virtual reality video glasses which allow you to watch a movie while you are being treated.

We follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

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