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  1. Thoroughness: We will make the time to examine, diagnose, and plan treatment with you.
  2. Pain-Free Dentistry: If we cannot do your dentistry comfortably, we won’t do it here.
  3. Quality of Care: We recommend and perform dentistry to standards we would wish for our own care and the care of our families.
  4. Cause-Oriented Treatment: We will not treat any disease or condition until the cause has been determined and addressed.
  5. Informed & Empowered Patients: You can expect NO surprises concerning treatment, fees or financial arrangements. You are in control of what happens to you.
  6. Bias Toward Health and Action: We provide dentistry for people who are serious about their dental care and who wish to form partnerships with us. We encourage timely action.
  7. Expertise: You are the expert on the outcomes that are important to you and the prices you are willing to pay for those outcomes. We are the experts on clinical dentistry. We will not get this distinction confused.


“When people love their work it shows. Dr, Griffin and his staff take every opportunity to keep me comfortable and informed. Finally, going to the dentist isn’t a chore!” Doris Hose.

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